Dario & Marlaine met while studying to be doctors in Romania.

Dario is from Germany (Although I am convinced otherwise.. He looks and sounds more Italian or Portuguese to me lol)                     

Well that is until he spoke to me sternly in his German voice so I could see.. he actually is German hahaha

The minute I met Marlaine I could see what a lovely young lady she is.. she was so laid back and relaxed on her wedding day, but who wouldn’t be with the amazing Vanilla Pod Design arranging all their decor & flowers 🙂 what an amazing job they did. 

Marlaine you are absolutely stunning inside and out.. you have the most beautiful big smile that just makes any person want to smile with you.

Dario & Marlaine, thank you is was such a pleasure being your wedding photographer we enjoyed every minute of your wedding and we wish you all the love and joy in your marriage.

The Kavinga Venue in White River is just a beautiful piece of heaven and a must see