I decided to write the Blog, because I feel after shooting so many weddings I have had enough experience to give an honest yet diplomatic opinion when it come to deciding should a Bride & Groom have both a Wedding Photographer and a Wedding Videographer.

This is just my thoughts on what you should consider when deciding if you would like to have both or just a Wedding Photographer. To help you get the most out of your suppliers.

So you getting married, you are so excited and you really want to have maximum coverage of your perfect day that you have spent months and months if not years planning…

And I am with you all the way, there is nothing nicer than seeing the beautiful video previews that videographers have done for the wedding that I was the Photographer at.. it is so magical and full of emotion that I even sometimes wish I was a videographer lol. 

So, these are the things that I have experienced while shooting weddings with a videographer… and  I really do respect videographers and give them time and space to also get their footage, cause at the end of the day we all have a job to do, and that is to give you.. the Bride & Groom the best quality of our work. 

Often when we are shooting in a limited size space that we all have to work in, it is not always ideal….. small rooms, tight spaces, small chapels.. so if you are looking to employ both services at your wedding look for a venue that can cater for this, space for all of us to be able to get the most beautiful and flattering footage of you on your day…

Often while editing I will think.. I wish I could have gotten this shot differently or just a better angle.. and then I will remember the reason why I could not was because that was where the videographer was actually set up… (So with a venue with more space this will allow us the photographers to move freely without disturbing the videographer who is trying to get thier great angle)

Another thing to factor in is time restraints.. often we don’t have enough time between the different parts of the day. This can be due to maybe some of the days schedule going on a bit longer than it should. So with schedule behind and with both a videographer and a photographer all trying to get their shots, that can also be very limiting to both parties… I would suggest you also book your photographer for a longer period should you want to get maximum value, the more time we have while all working as a team the better it is for you the Bride & Groom to get your love story told perfectly.  

I hope this can be helpful in making a decision when booking venues, Photographers and Videographers, and trust me your videographer & photographer will thank you 🙂